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Search for an Animal

Below is a user-friendly, interactive, searchable table to assist you in locating various animals that can be found in the San Gabriel Foothills, Angeles National Forest, San Bernardino National Forest, Orange County, Inland Empire and other locations.

Useful Tips for using the Animal Finder Table

The animals are initially sorted by Animal Name, in alphabetical order. You can also sort by Animal Family or Animal Class, if you wish, by clicking on the column headings.

You can use this table as a search tool to:

  • Find an animal by Name.
  • Filter animals by Family.
  • Filter animals by Class.
  • Search animal data using any combination of boxes and column headings. See "How To Use Table" for additional help.

This table has only a few entries now but many more will be added in time. This table will become much more useful as the table becomes more propagated.

For more extensive help on using the table as a search tool, visit the "Sightings and Observations" page.

Quick-Search Table For Animals

How To Use Table

Animal NameAnimal FamilyAnimal Class
Cheetah Cat Mammal
Fence Lizard Lizard Reptile
Gopher Snake Snake Reptile
Ring-Necked Snake Snake Reptile
Bighorn Sheep Sheep Mammal
Baja California Treefrog Frog Amphibian
California Chipmunk Squirrel Mammal

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